Have you ever forgotten where you put your nose? Probably not. But this man, Cyril Osment, did in fact lose his nose. How he lost it and its whereabouts remain a mystery.

U.K. national Cyril Osment is an 83 year old survivor of skin cancer. Though a survivor, he did lose his nose to the disease. In its stead, a prosthetic one was made that truly enhanced Osment’s quality of living. At 1,500 pounds, this nose is hardly cheap and not easily replaced.

So what happened to it? That’s the question Osment has been asking the dentist he visited the day it disappeared. He had gone into the dentist’s office for surgery—wearing his nose. Upon returning home, he noticed it was gone.

Osment wears glasses, which as we all know, rest upon the nose. He went into surgery sporting his glasses, so the nose must have been there. When he emerged from anesthesia (which I assume he was given otherwise I think he would’ve noticed his nose missing as soon as surgery was done, not when he arrived at home), he found that it had gone.

The dental office and its staff have checked every corner of the office, but to no avail. Running out of options, Osment has appealed to the people of his town—Alweston, Dorset—to keep their eyes peeled.

He’s hoping that he’ll be able to get a replacement from the hospital. He’d only had it for three months, but the improvement it made on his life was considerable. The problem is that the hospital staff had warned him “make sure you don’t damage it as you won’t get another one.”

The nose stays attached via magnets. According to him, normally the magnets were so strong that they pulled the prosthetic nose out of his hand and onto his face. Osment had noticed a few days before the dentist visit that they weren’t working as well.

It’s already been a tough enough journey for this divorcee and grandfather of seven. Doctors diagnosed him with skin cancer last autumn. Almost immediately, he underwent surgery at Salisbury District Hospital.

The magnetic prosthetic had restored his confidence and now he avoids leaving the house. All he can do now is hope and wait.

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